This is an article which is designed for novices who don’t have a lot of knowledge about speakers and subwoofers. I will explain the importance of having a subwoofer in your sound system and also highlight how subwoofers work.

Every loudspeaker has a limited frequency response. That means that the lowest frequency which the loudspeaker will be able to reproduce is fixed. As a rule of thumb, the larger the speaker, the lower the lowest frequency the speaker can reproduce. For having a balance frequency response, you should pick loudspeakers which range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. However, the majority of speakers doesn’t have a good response below 100 or 50 Hz. However, when watching movies, exactly this very low-frequency is important for reproducing certain sound effects such as earthquakes or gunshots.

This is where subwoofers come in. Most subwoofers are active. They are also some wireless models of subwoofers on the market. The purpose of the subwoofers to complement full-frequency loudspeakers. The frequency response of subwoofers starts where regular speakers stop. 20 to 50 Hz is typically …


Car audio amplifiers are special by design because they have to work in a very harsh environment. First of all, in most cases audio amplifiers for cars I installed within the engine compartment. In the engine compartment, they can be extreme temperatures. However, even though temperatures may be high, the amplifier still has to be able to perform flawlessly and also be able to dissipate any heat which is generated during the amplification of the audio signal. Therefore, car amplifiers are usually fairly massive and have aluminum enclosures that have cooling reps on the side. Also, the mounting holes are usually fairly large so that they don’t break easily when exposed to the stress of car movement.

When purchasing an amplifier for your car, make sure that the enclosure is rugged and has plenty of surface area for excess heat to be dissipated. Further, make sure that the amplifier is specified for voltage of 10 V or less. This ensures that the amplifier is able to perform even if the car battery voltage drops. The voltage of a car …


In this post, I’m going to focus on the term audio latency. You might have read this phrase in some product brochures and more specifically and products that stream music. I will explain the meaning of this term and also show you why it is important.

Latency is translated as delay. It describes how much of a delay in audio signal experiences when being processed. This delay can occur at different stages. For example, if you are using audio compression then the compression mechanism will cause a certain amount of delay. That means for example if you stream music via Bluetooth then the signal will be compressed into a Bluetooth-specific standard. After it is being received, the audio signal will be recovered. Both the compression and decompression introduce a certain time delay.

A time delay also occurs when you stream audio wirelessly. Even though the wireless transmission is fairly quick, the transmitter will usually buffer a certain amount of data. The buffering is necessary in cases of wireless interference. If the audio signal is being interfered with by other …

Adding speakers to computer allows you to stream movies and also play music. However, while setting up some PC speakers is usually fairly easy, might be more difficult to set up a full-fledged theater speaker system. Therefore, I will give some recommendations for setting up each type of speaker.

There are many different types of PC speakers on the market. Usually, PC speakers are active speakers which means that one of the speakers has an amplifier built in and there will be a headphone plug which connects the speakers to computer. Most computers such as laptops do have a headphone output. To at the speakers, you simply plug the headphone plug into the headphone jack of the laptop or computer. If you cannot find such a jack on your PC, you may have to purchase a soundcard.

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Make sure that in your system settings you have activated the audio output or soundcard in order to stream audio. If you want to set up multiple speakers for watching movies you will need to either a speaker system which can decode …


Whenever you purchase an electronic product, you will be hard-pressed to make the right decision because of the fact that most likely they are several manufacturers offering several models of products which are all suitable for your purpose. Let’s just take an example. Recently I purchased a digital camera. The reason for that was because I was planning to go on a trip. I did some research online and found that there are thousands of different models to pick from. I narrowed down the search by narrowing down my selection based on the size and weight of the camera. I then further narrowed down my selection by checking out some of the features. However, if you are like me you will probably also want to read some customer feedback in order to see whether product is well made or not.

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There many different sources of product reviews that you can check out. However, some of these reviews are biased. So exercise caution regardless of whether you are looking at online reviews or if you are looking at reviews in …